Where Postpartum Wellness Comes First

Introducing Forpartum, the world’s first all-in-one postpartum wellness app revolutionizing support for new mothers.

The Maternal Health Crisis

The current postpartum care system in the US is failing new mothers in several ways. Mental health challenges are often overlooked, nutrition guidance is limited, and there is insufficient ongoing support.

But we’re here to change all that.

Addressing Key Challenges Head On:

Inadequate Mental Health Support:

1 in 7 women experiences postpartum depression, yet mental health support is often overlooked, leading to undiagnosed and untreated conditions. Shockingly, over 30% of postpartum women are diagnosed with a mental health disorder.

Lack of Postpartum-Specific Focus:

Only 6% of maternal health research is dedicated to postpartum care. The healthcare system's disproportionate focus on pregnancy leaves postpartum mothers with insufficient attention and resources.

Limited Nutrition and Recovery Guidance:

The absence of nutritional and recovery guidance adds to the health challenges experienced by postpartum mothers. Given the significant hormonal changes during the postpartum period, proper nutrition and recovery are crucial.

Insufficient Postpartum Visits:

Postpartum mothers typically receive only one healthcare visit after childbirth, compared to at least 14 prenatal visits during pregnancy. This lack of ongoing care leaves mothers navigating the postpartum period with minimal professional support, contributing to overlooked health issues.

At Forpartum, we're committed to addressing these challenges by providing comprehensive, personalized support for postpartum mothers.

Forpartum understands that every mother’s journey is distinct. Join us in revolutionizing postpartum wellness. 

Our Six Pillars of Postpartum Wellness:

Nutrition Support

Tailored nutritional guidance to support your postpartum recovery and overall well-being.

Postpartum Recovery

Comprehensive recovery resources and postpartum plans to aid your physical recovery after childbirth.

Mental Health Support

Sleep is essential, and we provide strategies to help you and your baby get the rest you both need.

Mental Well-being

Addressing the mental health challenges of postpartum with expert guidance and resources.

Nervous System

Techniques and practices to calm your nervous system and promote relaxation. well-being.

Community Care

Connect with other mothers, share experiences, and build a supportive community. the rest you both need.

Forpartum Professionals:

Calling all postpartum professionals! Forpartum extends its platform to you, offering a space for virtual consultations and collaborations to enhance the support you provide to new mothers.

Our Vission

At Forpartum, we envision a world where every woman experiences a seamless and holistic transition into motherhood, supported by accessible, personalized postpartum care. We are committed to empowering mothers through evidence-based practices, expert guidance, and a supportive community

Our Mission

To revolutionize postpartum wellness by providing comprehensive support through our innovative all-in-one app. Embark on your postpartum journey with Forpartum – because postpartum wellness should be as unique as you are. Join us in redefining postpartum care – Where Postpartum Wellness Comes First. 

Our Apporach:

AI-Driven Solutions:

We harness the power of AI to provide intelligent and dynamic solutions tailored to each mother's unique postpartum journey.

​ AI algorithms analyze user data to offer personalized recommendations, adapting to evolving needs and preferences over time.

​ Smart insights derived from AI help in understanding user behavior, enabling continuous improvement and customization of our offerings.

Personalized Wellness:

We recognize that each postpartum journey is unique, and our app is designed to reflect this understanding.

​ Personalized content, recommendations, and notifications cater to the specific needs, challenges, and preferences of every mother.

​ Through a blend of AI insights and user input, Forpartum delivers a truly customized wellness experience, supporting mothers in their individual paths to postpartum well-being.

Data Safety

We uphold the strict standards set by HIPAA, safeguarding the confidentiality and security of sensitive health information.

​ Rigorous encryption protocols and secure data storage mechanisms ensure that user data remains private and protected.

​ Our commitment to HIPAA compliance reflects our dedication to maintaining the highest ethical standards in healthcare technology.


For a thorough exploration of our services or to address specific inquiries, we encourage you to download our app, ‘Forpartum.’ Tailored to be a comprehensive resource, our app delivers detailed responses to frequently asked questions (FAQs) and presents in-depth insights into the various aspects of our offerings. aspects of our offerings. Navigating through the site, you’ll find detailed product descriptions, user guides, and additional resources that can assist you in making informed decisions.

The postpartum app is designed to support individuals during the postpartum period, offering a range of features to address physical and emotional well-being, provide parenting guidance, and connect users with relevant resources.

Yes, the app is designed to be customizable. Users can personalize their experience by setting preferences, tracking specific aspects of postpartum recovery, and receiving tailored content based on individual needs.

User privacy and data security are top priorities. The app employs robust encryption measures, adheres to industry best practices, and strictly follows privacy regulations, including compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). This ensures the highest standards of protection for user information, meeting the stringent requirements set forth by HIPAA to safeguard sensitive healthcare data.


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At Forpartum, we are dedicated to improving the postpartum experience for mothers everywhere. Our mission is to enhance awareness, support, and research around postpartum health to ensure that every mother receives the care she deserves.

Your donation plays a crucial role in advancing our efforts. By contributing, you support ongoing research initiatives aimed at understanding and mitigating long-term postpartum complications.

Together, we can make a meaningful impact on maternal health outcomes. Your support enables us to expand our reach, provide comprehensive resources, and advocate for improved postpartum care practices.

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