About Us

About Jamila, Founder of Forpartum:

Meet Jamila Beasley, the visionary force behind Forpartum. As a dedicated Postpartum Doula and seasoned UI/UX Designer, Jamila has seamlessly blended her passion for holistic postpartum care with her expertise in creating user-centric digital experiences.

Driven by a personal mission to transform how the healthcare system perceives and addresses postpartum care, Jamila embarked on this transformative journey after navigating her own challenges during the postpartum period. Her firsthand experiences with the healthcare system ignited a flame of inspiration, leading to the creation of Forpartum – a groundbreaking platform redefining maternal healthcare

The Forpartum Mission:

At the heart of Forpartum is a commitment to reimagine and revolutionize postpartum care. Jamila’s mission is clear: to challenge the norms, redefine the narrative, and provide mothers with a postpartum experience that is not just endured but celebrated.

By applying her unique blend of Doula expertise and design proficiency, Jamila envisions a healthcare landscape where postpartum care is tailored, comprehensive, and considerate of the diverse needs of every mother. Forpartum is the embodiment of this vision, offering a holistic approach that encompasses Nutrition, Postpartum Recovery, Sleep Support, Nervous System Support, Mental Well-being, and Community Care.

Empowering Mothers, One Postpartum Journey at a Time:

For Jamila and the Forpartum team, empowerment is at the core of their mission. Through evidence-based practices, expert guidance, and the power of community, Forpartum aims to transform postpartum from a period of challenges to a time of growth, recovery, and joy.

Join us in embracing a new era of postpartum care with Forpartum – the result of Jamila’s passion, expertise, and commitment to redefining maternal healthcare.